Student Services Office

Welcome to the Student Services section of the website! 

As of December 1, 2018, Mr. Puchon has resigned as our Head of Student Services. We will be hiring a replacement, but in the interim period, Ms. Dougherty will be overseeing the Office and Mr. Pooler will be working with Mr. Clayton to aid in the management of student code of conduct issues. 

The goal of Student Services here at Philadelphia E&T is to provide students with  a safe, optimum environment in which to grow and realize their potential in the academic and personal/social areas of their lives.  Student Services includes the following departments: Dean’s Office, Guidance, Security, and Facilities.  The Student Services staff collaborate with teachers, staff, parents/guardians and the community to ensure that our schools environment is one where all students achieve, value learning, appreciate diversity and demonstrate responsible citizenship.

Philadelphia E&T has adopted policies and procedures in order to establish and maintain a conducive atmosphere to promote growth personally and academically.  These policies and procedures can be found right here on our website, under the Student Services section, and I encourage you all to explore this information.