Category 2

Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High School

Erate FY 2018 – 2019


This page provides detailed information concerning the Form 470 filing by Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High School (Philadelphia E&T) for Category 1 & 2 FY2018. Any questions concerning this information or the services requested must be submitted via email to Bill Carberry at: When responding please include the specific service/equipment Item # in the subject line of your email.

Submitting a Proposal

Vendors wishing to submit a proposal for any of the services listed below must include all of the following:

  • A cover letter which provides a brief summary of the company and indicates the services which are covered by the proposal.
  • Complete rates for all services included in the proposal.
  • A complete listing of all implementation costs for the proposal.
  • An estimate of the total annual charges for the proposal, based on the utilization information provided in this document.
  • If you are planning on submitting a bid for the leased lit fiber service, a site survey at your own expense must be completed prior to submitting the bid.
  • A pre-signed contract letter for prices quoted must be included as part of your response package.

All vendor proposals must be received by 10A.M. Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 in order to be considered for the E-Rate FY2018 filing year. Vendor proposals shall be delivered to:

Bill Carberry, E-Rate Coordinator

Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High School

1420-22 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

*Please note the Item # for the services and/or equipment for which you are bidding on the outside of the package/envelope.

Item #3

Wireless Access Points

We are requesting a proposal to purchase or lease at least 2 wireless access points to tie into our existing WLAN. With this being said, the access points we are requesting should be Aruba (or compatible) Instant IAP-225 Wireless Access Point, 802.11n/ac, 3x3:3, dual radio, integrated antennas. Include corresponding mounting hardware and installation (physical and configuration) for fully functional integrated operation with LAN and WLAN.

We would like these access points to be compatible with our existing Aruba Wireless access points that are currently on our wireless network. Equivalent solutions will be accepted and evaluated. The must be compatible and be able to tie into our WLAN which uses an Aruba Virtual Controller.

The proposal should include all costs, clearly identifying specific costs of items/services and what is and what is not e-rate eligible.


Item #4

Caching Server

We are requesting a proposal to purchase 1 caching server or service. A rack mountable caching server is preferred (pricing for mounting kits must be included) if it is a physical server. The proposal should include all costs (including configuration and maintenance), clearly identifying specific costs of items/services and what is and what is not e-rate eligible.


Item #5

Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections Router

We are requesting a proposal to reconfigure a Cisco 2911 router that is part of our existing network. Pricing should include corresponding installation costs for physical mounting, patching, maintenance and configuration to provide an integrated, fully operational system. The configuration of the router should be able to handle our wired and wireless LAN traffic and should be able to support up to 650 users, with expected traffic to consist of numerous, concurrent streaming video/internet access. The configuration will have to be able to work with our existing Juniper switches and Aruba access points.

Bid Conditions:

  • Applicant expects each Service Provider is fully aware of any rules or regulations regarding the E-rate program, and must strictly adhere to these rules.
  • All contracts entered into through this RFP will/may be contingent upon Philadelphia E & T receiving all of the funding we are applying for.
  • Philadelphia E & T will not be liable for anything more than the pre-discount amount minus our funded amount as shown on our 471. The winning Service Provider will be responsible for invoicing the SLD for the funded amount directly upon confirmation of funding and corresponding receipt of the school’s P.O.
  • No billing can take place before July 1, 2018, however; various build-outs/services can be started on April 1st, 2018. The school will inform vendors of these pre-July build-out opportunities when/if needed.
  • During any E-Rate audit process, the winning bidder is expected to reply within 3 days to any questions regarding their proposal.
  • All bidders must provide a valid SPIN at the time the bid is submitted on their quote.
  • All work is subject to the 100% approval of the project by the FCC under the E-rate discount program of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 as to its funding and eligibility.
  • The Vendor must understand we are a school, and sometimes they will have to work around our operating hours to complete the project. Expectations regarding site availability should assume off hour/day availability/access.
  • All bids must be specific to our RFP, generic bids will be denied.
  • SPAM and/or robotic responses will not be considered valid responses.



Bid Scoring Criteria:

All equipment and service items will be evaluated and scored via the criteria listed below with pricing being the most heavily weighted as per mandated by the E-Rate program.

  • Criteria #1: Pricing at 50% of total score potential


  • Criteria #2: Vendor’s solution proposal’s alignment and integration other items/services specified in bid and school’s existing infrastructure as noted. 30% score value.


  • Criteria #3: Vendor’s solution proposal’s alignment and integration with requirements outlined in this document for said services/equipment. 20% score value.


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